Resolution of Avast Error 9 using quick steps:

Avast antivirus is known for its excellent protection. It comes with excellent security tools along with some technical errors too. Avast Error 9 is one of them and in this guide, we will focus on some exact steps, and causes to fix this error on your own.

Causes of Avast Runtime Error 9:

• Installation and un-installation of the program linked with Avast
• Incomplete installation of the antivirus software
• Missing Avast program files
• Corrupt or damaged Windows registry

Resolution of Avast Error 9 using quick steps:

Quick steps to fix Avast Antivirus Runtime Error 9

You can call on Avast Contact Number UK to get instant help regarding the resolution. But before that, follow the given steps given below.

1. Repair the registry entries linked with error code 9: • Click on Windows Start > Command in the search box > Press the keys (Ctrl +Shift and Enter) simultaneously
• When asked for permission then, click on Yes
• In the window which opens, type “regedit” > Press Enter > Choose Key linked with the Error > Click on Export
• Choose the location where you want to save the backup key and create a new folder for the same

2. Scan the system for malware

Click on the antivirus icon installed in the system and give permission to scan the Computer for any available malware or virus. It will delete all the malicious content from the program and ensure that your system is bug and virus free.

3. Clean the system junk by using cleanmgr

• First of all, press the Windows key on the keyboard
• In the search box, type command and then, press Ctrl + shift + Enter keys simultaneously
• In the dialog box, type ‘regedit’
• Select the categories on the hard drive which you want to delete to free up space and after that click on Okay

When you are done with the above-given steps then, this error code should resolve. But, if the error code still persists then contact the technical team for instant help.